Hengbao UranuSafe Passes Microsoft Vista Certification

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After Hengbao UranuSafePC/SC drive program was certified by Microsoft Windows XP system on April 2, Hengbao UranuSafePC/SC drive program passed Microsoft Vista authenticode certification. The suite supports data security payment and all security products under trusted computing product line.
Hengbao’s success in passing Microsoft Vista authenticode certification indicates that its USBKEY product can be perfectly compatible with and support Microsoft Vista system either in hardware or in software and avoid security threats caused by no-driver signature. Therefore, Hengbao has further enhanced the stability and safety of its USBKEY product, and could meet market demands for various basic products and provide users with better experiences.
Vista system is a new generation operation system developed by Microsoft in the place of Windows XP system since 2007. However, it may not normally identify or operate USBKEY products that can be used in Windows XP, thus the compatibility and stability of USB interface products become concerns of all users. In this certification, Hengbao USBKEY product was proved to be perfectly compatible with Vista system.
By virtue of advanced security technology and excellent service concept, Hengbao Co., Ltd. has won trusts from industrial customers. Particularly, it has provided USBKEY product to companies in e-business, e-government, identification, CA application, online bank and other similar segments. In future, Hengbao will make more efforts in the development of security business.


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